Fridays & Saturdays

Ready for weekend fun nights?

On Deck Sports Bar & Grill is the best place in downtown Portland to watch your favorite games, day in and day out—no doubt about that. But weekends are way more fun with our BIG GAME CONTEST which runs every Friday and Saturday, all year through!

Loads of prizes await you on FINAL SCORE GUESSES for live, full-season game events where you can win anything from sports gear, active wear, game sets, and sports equipment to mobile phones, small appliances and even a brand new HDTV! From hometown college football to the Big 10, Pac 12, ACC and major league events such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS, we drive the excitement up the roof with every goal or homerun.

Our SPORTS TRIVIA nights are also a major hit among pub regulars and newbies as we take customers down memory lane to revive momentous milestones in sporting history. At On Deck Sports Bar & Grill, your favorite teams aren’t the only winners. You, too, get the chance to take home the prize!

No Events

Regular Season & Playoffs

Time to take out those crystal balls and look ahead to what this season will have in store. Which teams will go head-to-head for the finals? Who will be this year’s MVP? Who will take home the Rookie of the Year Award?

NFL Rankings & Predictions

Place your bets for surprising turnouts in this year’s NFL. Will this season see the MVP in the hands of a non-QB? Will someone break records to become the next +2,000-yard receiver in league history? Game nights have never been more exciting!

Major League soccer (MLS)

Who will lift MLS Cup on December 11th? Will the Timbers dominate the Western Conference this season? Who gets to make the best save this year?  Lock in your predictions before Round One games begin on Nov. 20! 

Amp Up Game Nights

If you’re the typical sports fan looking for a great place to watch the games, you get the best of both worlds at On Deck Sports Bar & Grill. We strive to give you real stadium feels with prime seats in the house, plus a wide array of our popular game night picks.