Before you can send out any invitations, you must choose a venue to hold your reunion. On Deck Sports Bar has ample space for people to mingle. Some restaurants have party rooms; we have 10,000 square feet of event space with the largest outdoor patio in Portland. On Deck can host parties for up to 300 guests and have affordable options for almost any budget. Keeping your ticket price down means more people will attend your reunions and private events! Holding your event at a restaurant is convenient because you don’t have to worry about providing food and drink. From after dinner cocktail receptions to a fully catered buffet, On Deck Sports Bar provides a large array of options and no ‘rubber chicken’ meals. Our ingredients are quality, locally sourced and prepared by our in-house chef that specializes in fun, casual meals full of flavor and sure to please all palates.

Plan In Advance

On Deck and many other venues fill up fast! In order to ensure adequate time to plan, give attendees advanced notice to make travel arrangements and secure your date right away. We recommend that you start planning your reunion one year in advance – but it can certainly be done with less time.

Form A Reunion Committee

Don’t let organizing the reunion be all that you do in your free time. Locate dedicated individuals to help this planning venture. By delegating, no one role will seem too daunting. Just make sure one lead is assigned to managing the committee and one lead to managing the finances.

Set Up Monthly Meetings

Schedule a time to touch base with committee every month. Utilize tools like Google Video Chat and conference call lines, which will help with time constraints. Also, make sure there is an agenda so meetings are run efficiently.
Outline All Tasks
There are a lot of details that go into planning a reunion and writing down all of the event to-do’s will help team perform their personal duties.
Finalize The Big Details
Date, venue (On Deck…Check that off the list), menu, format, ticketing platform, entertainment, budget, lodging, rentals, decor, photographer, registration, and event staffing.
Compose Final Details
Keep track of the final RSVP numbers and food allergies. Start finalizing  the budget. Secure your rentals, prepare the day-of-schedule, and work with On Deck Sports Bar to finalize the catering and bar selections.
Create A Timeline
Take the list of all the tasks and break down the needs for each assignment month by month. Once your timeline is complete, assign one member of your planning committee to each item.
Create An Invite List
Finding everyone from a graduation class isn’t always an easy task. To help with the process, create a reunion Facebook group, grab a yearbook and start searching for contacts social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Utilize current contacts to find missing guests.
Spend the day setting up for the event with your committee and prepare for a fun evening with help from our friendly On Deck Staff!
Prepare A Budget
Create a breakdown of everything you’ll need for the event. Include large items, like the catering cost and small, like name badges. Approximate how many classmates will attend and assign a ticket cost in order to break even. Allow for a little wiggle room should you get a smaller than expected turnout. We recommend pricing tickets lower for “advanced purchase” that expires two months before your reunion. After that date, raise your ticket price by $5 or $10 and add an additional $5 for tickets purchased day of event. This encourages people to buy their tickets early, which helps you know how many guest to expect!
Market Your Event
Once all of the details are in order, plan how to get this information out to the potential attendees. Some initial suggestions are to create a website with all the event information, send out digital invitations and reminders, post to social media, or send physical postcard invitations.
Have Questions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We’ve helped hundreds of event organizers plan a successful and more importantly, memorable reunion.

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